Recently, William Walders spoke with healthsystemCIO about his priorities for 2022, current healthcare IT challenges and opportunity areas, and how he is working on building a “frictionless experience” for his staff across Health First, where he serves as CIO.

In Part Two of the Q&A with Walders, he said, “The perioperative space is our number one focus for reducing the amount of friction folks experience when they go in for care, as well as the care team. We have some really exciting partnerships there, including a company called RelayOne that uses a PHI-less solution. We’ve fallen into a pattern of doing security to our staff: you need multifactor authentication. You need to enter a code every time you log in. You have an anesthesiologist who has credentials at seven hospitals in a community and who struggles with managing all the disparate systems we’ve forced on them. How about a frictionless PHI-less solution that allows you to see the entire environment with a simple click? We’re looking at things like in the perioperative world.”

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