We recently read an article titled “Empowering Today’s Anywhere, Anytime Workforce Requires a Flexible IT Architecture,” authored by a prominent healthcare industry strategist in healthsystemCIO.com and were reminded of the ever-increasing importance of our mobile-first platform approach for our users, including hospital administrators, nurses, surgeons, anesthesiologists, SPDs, vendor representatives, and many others who are on and support surgical care teams.

On-call surgeons and anesthesia, trauma teams, nurses coming in for their next shift, administrators trying to allocate staffing to case load… So much of the operations of surgical services requires real-time information to make the best and most timely decisions. Staffing, case readiness, and changes to schedules all require that the right information, get to the right people, right as new updates happen, wherever they are.

Staff who are in and out and even away from the operating room work with RelayOne minute-to-minute to optimize their staffing and timing via real-time notifications of OR facility changes, cancellations, case timing, and much more. When do I need to be in the OR? Is my case delayed because of a previous case? How are cases progressing? Everyone is constantly on the move dealing with the challenges of the dynamic nature of their daily schedule. And they need tools that can move as fast as they do.

RelayOne is an anywhere, anytime platform that supports this anywhere, anytime workforce.

RelayOne features and supports:

  • Automatic alerts. Eliminates texts, emails and calls with automatic notifications about add-ons, status updates, and all other relevant schedule changes.
  • Vendor readiness. Assigns vendor representatives to cases and sees that they have provided trays/sets/equipment for a case to ensure all know the case is “ready to go.”
  • Doctors and cases. Follow doctors’ cases to quickly filter the schedule and receive all necessary updates based on their role on the surgical care team.
  • Anywhere, anytime access. Easily accesses the real-time surgery schedule from anywhere. From the operating room to the comfort of your home, RelayOne is in your hand and only one tap away.

To learn more about why “Visibility in the Operating Room – (is now) More Important Than Ever” read this other RelayOne blog post at https://www.relayone.com/blog-2022-01-17.

And, to read the article mentioned above visit https://healthsystemcio.com/flexible-architecture/.